Vitamins from nature
Super food - vegetables and fruits in another form

Lyophilization is the process of freeze drying (in vacuum to -80 ┬░ C) by which H2O in vegetables or berries passes into a vapor bypassing a liquid. As a result, berries, fruits, vegetables do not change shape, capacity, color, aroma, taste - and they retain 100% of all vitamins and minerals.

1 kg = 100 g

From 1 kg of natural products, 100 g of lyophilized products are made. To this day, it is the most effective way to retain minerals and vitamins.

Interestingly, this drying method was developed in 1969 in the USA, at the initiative of NASA, in the APOLO - 2 mission. This is how products were made for astronauts to preserve their health in extreme conditions.


In order to preserve food, the moisture in it must be removed by lyophilization. If this is not the case, microorganisms (like bacteria) will thrive and feed, leading to food breakdown, mold growth, and poisoning.

  • REMOVES 99% MOISTURE - the lower the moisture content, the longer the shelf life.
  • PRESERVES 97% OF NUTRITION - freeze-drying preserves the nutritional value, fresh taste and color of the fresh product.
  • 15+ YEARS - lyophilized food can be stored at a variety of temperatures without damaging the food or packaging - food stays fresh for many years.

Lyophilized foods have a longer shelf life, lower moisture content, and generally taste better than dried or dehydrated foods. These products retain their original shape, texture and color. Much larger foods and even dishes can be lyophilized compared to simply dried.

Vitamins from nature

Fruits, vegetables, plants effectively strengthen the immune system, stop diseases, because they synthesize a full range of active substances.

Instead of synthetic food supplements that claim to contain all the vitamins you need, you can choose to consume 100% natural super foods that will definitely receive and absorb those vitamins.


Lyophilized super-food

In several product pieces - there is a daily rate of vegetables and fruits. Most importantly, it is a natural product, with no additives, no dyes, no preservatives and no sugar. The packaging is transparent with UV filters that protect against unnecessary rays. It is an innovative product for those who take care of nature and their health.

The product has G-certi, iAS, iAF certificates. It also meets food safety standards in accordance with JSO 22000: 2018, NATO AQAP 2110 standards and organic production requirements.


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